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What is the Kaiser Victim Quilt and Why Was It Made?

The Kaiser Victim Quilt is a graphic representation of A SMALL FRACTION of the vast number of patients within the closed system Kaiser Foundation Plan and the “for profit” Permanente Medical Group that have been maimed or killed. 

All those displayed on this quilt have either died from inadequate medical care or were maimed by cost cutting methods conducted in the name of greed.  Few of these people, if any, are true medical error cases.  Instead these victims are the result of an overly efficient, cost cutting financial program benefiting only the physician partners of the Permanente Medical Group.

This visual representation of individual victims, all of which are very real people, some still current patients of the Permanente Physicians is intended to honor and show great respect for how they have all been forced to suffer while “In The Hands of Kaiser.”

Many of the people on the Kaiser Victim Quilt will never have another holiday because an administrative action cut their lives short.  Their families will forever grieve because they know how their loved ones suffered.  Those that are maimed but did survive will forever question all medical providers.  They will always be on the alert for medical providers that think first of their personal financial profit rather than saving a human life.

There is no award from any court action or arbitration that will ever restore these peoples health or bring back a loved one.  No amount of money can ever replace what the Kaiser system has stolen from these people and their families.

I promise you that we will be taking this quilt to Sacramento and later to Washington D.C. to make sure that our elected officials acknowledge each and every person that at one time, prior to being harmed did
trust the Kaiser and Permanente systems. 

The only people “Thriving” at Kaiser are the physicians and it is time the public learned about it.


Vickie Travis
Former Caregiver and Eldest Child and Daughter of Adam Wesley Arnold
Managed Care Reform Council/President