TDI Announces April Disciplinary Actions

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May 9, 1997

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The Texas Department of Insurance issued on Friday a list of disciplinary actions taken by Insurance Commissioner Elton Bomer that became final during April. Included are 10 agent license revocations and fines totaling $1,010,000. (The fines include the previously announced $1 million penalty imposed on the Kaiser Permanente health maintenance organization.)

Copies of Bomer's orders may be obtained by calling the Public Information Office (512-463-6425).

Cases in which the victims were senior citizens are marked by an asterisk next to the summary description of the violation for which an agent or company was disciplined. Only final orders are listed. An order imposing disciplinary measures becomes final 20 days after the agent or insurance company has received notice of the order unless a motion for rehearing is filed within that period. A motion for rehearing stays the finality of an order until the Commissioner acts upon the motion or upon the operation of law. Commissioner's orders are subject to appeal to state district court.

Summaries of the orders are as follows:


NAME               CITY      ACTION TAKEN      VIOLATION      ORDER    DATE 


Atkins, Burrell D. Dallas    Group I License   Felony          97-0279 3/25/97
                             Denied            Conviction 

Burkholder, Glenn  San       Group I License   Misappropria-   97-0336 4/9/97
Morse              Antonio   Revoked           tion and 

Caballero, Tony    Dallas    Group I License   Prior License   97-0296 3/27/97
Jose                         Denied            Revocation 

Cabello, Mary A.   Houston   Local Recording   Misappropria-   97-0335 4/9/97
                             Agent's License   tion or
                             Revoked           Conversion

Garcia, Eloy       McAllen,  Group I and       Misappropria-   97-0337 4/9/97
                   Raymond-  Local Recording   tion and
                   ville     Agent's Licenses  Conversion
                   & San     Revoked 

Grasse, Ronald     Bellaire  $500 Fine and     Unreasonably    97-0394 4/23/97
Stephen                      Restitution       Failed and 
                             of $2,924         Neglected to 
                                               Remit Premiums 
                                               to Insurer 
Haskins, Sonny     Killeen   Group I and       Obtained        97-0289 3/27/97
Wayne                        Variable          License by
                             Contract          Fraud and
                             Agent's Licenses  Misrepresentation

Hernandez, Debra   Houston   Group II County   Felony          97-0270 3/21/97
Perez                        Mutual Agent's    Conviction; 
                             License Revoked   Obtained License 
                                               by Fraud and 

Klysen, Traci      Malakoff  Group I License   Fraudulent      97-0258 3/18/97
Lea                          Denied            and Dishonest

Lawrence, Donald   DeSoto    Prepaid Legal     Material        97-0330 4/3/97
                             Services Agent's  Misstatement
                             License Denied    on Application 

Leigh, Connie      Dallas    Group I License   Material        97-0356 4/14/97
Joy                          Denied            Misstatement
                                               on Application 

Lindamood,         Arlington Local Recording   Dishonest Acts  97-0198 2/27/97 
Charles David                Agent's License 

Lindley, Walter    Euless    $500 Fine         Material        97-0397 4/24/97
Henry                                          Misrepresenta-
                                               tion on License

Minor, Shawn       Burleson  Group I and       Fraudulent      97-0311 4/2/97
                             Local Recording   and Dishonest 
                             Agent's Licenses  Practices

Nelson, Thomas F.  Houston   Adjuster's        Felony          97-0242 3/14/97
                             License Denied    Conviction; 
                                               Dishonest and 
                                               Fraudulent Acts 

Parrish, Richard   Meadow     Group I and      Felony          97-0355 4/14/97
Lewis                         Local Recording  Conviction
                              Agent's Licenses 

Ramsey, William    Dallas     Managing General Consent Order;  97-0413 4/30/97
Richard                       Agent's and      Alleged
                              Local Recording  Material Mis-
                              Agent's Licenses representation 
                              Revoked          of Policy 
                                               Terms; Alleged
                                               Fraudulent or
                                               or Dishonest 

Reed, Derrick D.   Dallas     Local Recording  Misappropria-   97-0312 4/2/97
                              Agent's License  tion or 
                              Revoked          Conversion

Sparks, Marc A.    Dallas     $5,000 Fine and  Payment to an   97-0308 4/1/97
                              Cease-and-Desist Unlicensed 
                              Order            Solicitor 


Heritage Life      Phoenix,   $4,000 Fine      Late Filing     97-0310 4/2/97 
Insurance Co.      AZ                          of Edits to
                                               Credit Insur-
                                               ance and 
                                               Annual Expense

Kaiser Foundation  Dallas     $1 million Fine  Consent Order;  97-0389 4/18/97
Health Plan of                ($250,000        Alleged Patient 
Texas                         probated for     Care and 
                              1 year) and      Quality
                              Agreement to     Assurance
                              Take Certain     Issues