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 Information from the Tax Assessors office of Alameda County, California

This is where David M. Lawrence, former CEO of Kaiser Permanente lives and this is how much his house is worth. 

  2001-2002 Property Information

 Address: 1 SEA VIEW AV

PIEDMONT CA 94611-3518
 Parcel Number:  51-4723-1
 Use Code: 1100
 Description Single family residential homes used as such
 Land $840,000.00
 Improvements $1,960,000.00
 Personal Property
 Gross Total $2,800,000.00
 Homeowner $7,000.00
 Net Assessment $2,793,000.00

2001-2002 Current Year Tax Amount
For additional tax year information, press
(Last Updated on 12/06/2001)
Parcel Roll Year Flood Zone  Flood Rate  Tax Rate Area AV Tax Rate
51-4723-1  2001 00  0 18000 1.1289

Amounts not valid after June 30 Installment 1 Installment 2 Total
Ad Valorem Tax $15,765.08 $15,765.08 $31,530.16
Flood Tax
SPECIAL CHARGES  $1,361.28 $1,361.28 $2,722.56
TOTAL TAXES $17,126.36 $17,126.36 $34,252.72
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $17,126.36  $17,126.36  $34,252.72
Date Paid 11/08/2001



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