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Focus on Kaiser's Leland Wong -
Big Time Spender of Kaiser Permanente Patient Money

Leland WongLeland Wong

Department of Water and Power Commissioner and former Airport Commissioner Leland Wong resigned from his position in January 2004 after a lobbyist for a major airport concessionaire told The Times that Wong had tried to pressure his client to steer business to the daughter of a Hahn fundraiser. Questions were also raised about Wong's alleged use of the funds of his employer, Kaiser Permanente, for political purposes. Wong denies any wrongdoing.

Did Stein `Pay to Play' at Start of Civic Career? - Leland wasn't working alone it appears.

Consultant to Port Emerges As Key Figure In City Probe 

State of California Rail Authority Board Buy In - This sort of encapsulates all the pots he had his hands in

Leland Wong  for the CA RR Authority

Leland Wong Resigns from LA Observed

Commissioner Leland Wong On DWP's Agenda & Mayor Hahn's LAX Master Plan Alternative
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He made it to the Air Port commission as well

Another gala to hob nob with City Administrators

Leland Wong resigns powerful post amid fund-raising allegations

Leland Wong today was elected vice president of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners

Wong called City Insider Quits

Hard to believe this guy has a home life - Advisory council member for the Asian American Architects Association

Smoldering scandal

From The LA Chinese Chamber

Leland and the Ethics Commission in 2001

How Leland helped Mayor Hahn

Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs and Leland Wong

Chick Is a Portrait in Sharp Contrasts





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