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Kaiser Permanente Bellflower and Baldwin Park

"Corporations can be chargith crimes," Laurie Levenson, a law professor at Loyola Law School.

Index of Articles "Corporations can be charged with crimes," Laurie Levenson, a law professor at Loyola Law School.

Filed Feb 10, 2012
Kaiser Baldwin Park
David Stanley
Abused by Medical
Staff because they did not believe he had medical insurance
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 - California hospital fined $250,000.00 in octuplets-mom case
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Kaiser Downey built on top of a toxic dump. The site of the first nuclear reactor in the state of California. - No green building there!

"Kaiser-Bellflower's policy was to keep patients waiting in the emergency room until they left without treatment,"

 November 6, 2007
 Darrell Timothy Reed II died at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Baldwin Park California

Kaiser Permanente on Lockdown, Reason Still Under Investigation (3)

L.A. files patient dumping charges (16)

 Anderson Cooper
coverage of corporate behavior of Kaiser Permanente patient dumping

Dr. Mark L. Woods
exposes a filthy hospital

Child Molester
Dr. Peter Fischer

Segment providing insight on the reality of medical care with particular focus on Baldwin Park facility.
Background on what Peer Review actually means in America.

Nichols vs. Kaiser - $1,100,000 against Kaiser Permanente
Belllflower Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park nurse license suspended by Judge

 Eugene Guevara - Why did he shoot a physician on the day he was discharged from Kaiser hospital?  (4)

 Arthur Ryan Huff Story

 The Matthew Salas Story

One Patients story about Kaiser Permanente Bellflower

Jesus Dario Gonzalez was filmed picking up a package of 20,000 Ecstasy tablets that was sent to a fictitious doctor from Belgium.

 The Perioperative Medicine Service: An Innovative Practice at Kaiser Bellflower Medical Center
If you are going to this place then you should read this.

All leaders are responsible for the performance of their units, including financial aspects

Offers Tailored End-of-Life Services to Patients with Advanced Heart or Lung Disease : 16.1.1 Case Study - Kaiser Permanente Bellflower - 

What some consider to be the greatest fraud ever put over the Medicare patient population. (3)

Palliative Care Programs Help People With CHF/COPD Stay Home - and Stay Health
by Janice Lynch Schuster of Kaiser Bellflower

In 2001, the Department of Health and Human Services cited Kaiser-Bellflower for failing to provide appropriate medical screening examinations, failing to provide stabilizing treatment for emergency medical conditions and failing to provide care in the emergency room without regard to the patients’ ability to pay.
Kaiser-Bellflower’s policy was to keep patients waiting in the emergency room until they left without treatment. Between 1999 and 2006, more than 5,000 patients were sent home without receiving medical screening exams. Kaiser intentionally understaffed and understocked the hospital to increase profits and to decrease the number of patients who would avail themselves of the emergency room. Kaiser also provided inadequate and unsanitary care for its patients. Treatment of several patients suffering from chest pains and possible myocardial infarctions was delayed because the emergency room lacked appropriate medications such as nitroglycerin and resuscitation bags. Other patients were placed in rooms soiled with blood and excrement. In one instance, a patient was placed in a room with an aborted fetus and blood clots in the sink. Kaiser permitted physicians to refer patients, including children, to a doctor who was mentally ill and a known child molester. It also scheduled doctors, including Dr. Woods, to work consecutive evening or overnight shifts in violation of Medical Group rules, a practice which threatened patient care. -

With the current HMO climate it is the responsibility of all patients to know their medical diagnosis, medical treatment and  everything that you can possibly learn about potential medical treatments, including any and all alternative treatments.  If  you are responsible for another life, if you have medical power of attorney over any person, if you are a parent, then it is your responsibility to be informed and aware of all diagnoses, all medical treatments, all medicines that are prescribed or administered by any representative of a medical establishment. 

You are also responsible as a human being to advocate for said patient.  No one in any HMO is going to do it for you willingly and whole-heartedly. They may pretend that they are doing all they can for you but it is time for everyone to grow up, get the blinders off of their eyes and take responsibility for their own medical care. 

A HMO is an insurance company and they are in business to make money. This includes all HMO's that claim non profit status. Too many people have died because they trusted unfounded cost cutting measures.  Let us as a nation stop this trend and assume personal responsibility for our own lives and those that we love by actively overseeing the medical care administered by any medical establishment in this country.

We have quite a few reports from Kaiser victims regarding the Bellflower and Baldwin Park facilities so it is appropriate at this time to present applicable links that will help the public make their own life choice decisions.  Anything that links directly to Kaiser and is self reported by them I hope you will take the time and trouble to compare it to recognized, non Kaiser protocols. Outside of Kaiser links I also hope that you will check out to see if there is a financial relationship between them and Kaiser or the Permanente Alliance. 

If you want to possibly be an experiment for a Kaiser data bank that they are paid to create, that is your decision, but at least know what you are getting involved in before you do it.  Not all patients suffer or die at Kaiser Bellflower nor Baldwin Park. Some people do have positive experiences at Kaiser Bellflower and Baldwin Park, unfortunately I have not yet heard from one of them but the odds are that is a accurate statement.

Kaiser Permanente on Lockdown, Reason Still Under Investigation

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Baldwin Park is
under lockdown, officials said today.
Reyna Delharo, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said police were in the
medical center and that a patient was being investigated, but it's not clear

why. A Baldwin Park police dispatcher said the hospital was under lockdown, but
would not say why. ABC7 reported that the lockdown was related to a possible

gang shooting, but Delharo said there had been no shooting inside the hospital.

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Gunman Threatens Patient at Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Police Search Facility

- An anonymous caller threatened to attack someone inside Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Baldwin Park Sunday, prompting police to guard the hospital and monitor patients and staff.

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Threat made to hospital leads to police lockdown
By Brian Day, Correspondent

BALDWIN PARK - Police surrounded and apparently locked down Kaiser Permanente Medical Center late Sunday after receiving threats of violence, officials said.

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L.A. files patient `dumping' charges

Kaiser Permanente is accused of leaving a homeless woman to wander on skid row.By Richard Winton and Cara Mia DiMassa, Times Staff Writers November 16, 2006

{The Los Angeles city attorney's office filed false-imprisonment and dependent-care-endangerment charges against hospital giant Kaiser Permanente on Wednesday, the first criminal prosecution of a medical center accused of "dumping" patients on skid row........}

{If convicted, Kaiser Permanente would be placed on probation that would limit its behavior and contain potential penalties. Any criminal finding could influence a medical facility's bonding and its ratings by medical organizations.}

 Rosenbaum said that meetings with Kaiser and hospitals failed to yield reform — and that was part of the reason for the court filings. "It is like they lit a match to the Hippocratic oath," he said.,0,3911487.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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see also:
See also from The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office:



see also: 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper
Video Segment on Kaiser Permanente practice of Patient Dumping
related CBS stories at:

see also:  Developing Map of Kaiser locations where patients were victimized.

Alleged Skid Row Dumping Is Captured on Videotape
A patient released from a Kaiser hospital is shown wandering outside a downtown L.A. rescue mission.By Cara Mia DiMassa, Times Staff Writer
March 23, 2006
entire story at:,1,1193808.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california
Also view the video of this patient dumping on the LA Times web page listed above.

The mission has been sending tapes and written logs of alleged dumping incidents to the Los Angeles city attorney's office.

Reyes of Gardena was released Monday after being a patient at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center for three days, the hospital said. Capt. Andrew Smith of the LAPD's Central Division said that he believes the taxi took Reyes to skid row against her will.

Reyes said in an interview that she could not remember what happened when she left the hospital or how she got to skid row.

City Councilwoman Jan Perry, who showed reporters the video at a news conference, called the dumping of the woman "egregious."

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 Video Said to Capture Skid Row Dumping
By Cara Mia DiMassa
Times Staff Writer -  March 22, 2006
Authorities released a videotape this afternoon of what they say is the dumping of a 63-year-old woman on the streets of skid row. .....LAPD Capt. Andrew Smith said he believes the taxi took the woman, a 63-year-old Gardena resident, downtown against her will after she was discharged from Kaiser Permanente Bellflower on Monday....In addition, LAPD officials have said that they often see people with hospital wristbands on skid row, often appearing ill and sometimes wearing colostomy bags.

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A former employee has sued Kaiser Permanente, claiming it "blackballed" her for participating in a criminal investigation into the alleged dumping of a homeless woman on skid row.

Irene Hernandez, 50, of Downey said Kaiser's hospital in Bellflower stopped employing her as a registry nursing assistant after she cooperated with the Los Angeles city attorney's office investigation into alleged patient-dumping by the HMO.

Hernandez said in the suit filed Thursday in Superior Court that she discharged a homeless woman March 20 from Kaiser Bellflower, placing her in a taxi. She said she later learned that the cab dropped the woman off on skid row, leaving her to wander aimlessly.

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Modern Healthcare
July 23, 2007
by Rebecca Vesely
Kaiser probed again;

More patient dumping alleged in Los Angeles area
A new accusation of patient dumping by a Kaiser Permanente hospital in the Los Angeles area could put the integrated provider at risk of new penalties for violating a landmark settlement reached over a highly publicized incident, according to the city attorney's office.

The accusation is one of 10 alleged incidents of patient dumping by Los Angeles hospitals being pursued by the city attorney's office. In the past year and a half, the office has received about 70 reports of homeless patient dumping. On June 26, the city filed civil action against two other area hospitals-410-bed Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles and 334-bed Methodist Hospital of Southern California in Arcadia-in four other patient dumping incidents.
New homeless dumping allegation probed


The City Attorney's Office is investigating whether Kaiser Permanente dumped a homeless patient on Skid Row, in violation of a settlement reached in a previous case.

The latest inquiry began after officials learned that workers from Kaiser's Baldwin Hills hospital took a 26-year-old man with severe back pain to homeless shelters downtown against his will, officials said.

The new allegation involves Jose Gonzalez, a 26-year-old day laborer who sustained a back injury in May. He was treated at 172-bed Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park (Calif.) Medical Center for several days and then released.

.........Gonzalez, who had never been to either shelter or to Skid Row, contends the hospital told him he would be going to a rehabilitation facility for further treatment, not a homeless shelter, Durant said. Gonzalez is now being treated at another hospital and will require ongoing physical therapy for sciatica and an injured disc, she added. -  Read more at:

Kaiser agrees to reforms in settlement with Los Angeles aimed at ending homeless 'dumping'
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A leading U.S. health insurance company reached a settlement Tuesday with the city of Los Angeles to reforms aimed at ending hospitals' practice of abandoning homeless patients to the streets.
The settlement comes more than a year after an elderly hospital patient, insured by Kaiser Permanente, was found wandering crime-ridden streets in a hospital gown and slippers.
Kaiser will create new protocols for discharging homeless patients in its chain of hospitals, train staff and allow retired U.S. District Court Judge Lourdes G. Baird, a former U.S. attorney, to monitor its progress, officials said Tuesday.

***Kaiser Is Found Liable in Retaliation Case

By Charles Ornstein, Times Staff Writer June 3, 2006

A Los Angeles County jury found Friday that Kaiser Permanente retaliated against one of its emergency room physicians after he raised concerns about the quality of care at Kaiser's Bellflower Medical Center.

For historical purposes mirrored at:

Kaiser's Dirty Little Secret - Kaiser Bellflower -  Dr. Peter Fischer  by Susan Goldsmith

Kaiser Permanente Hospital Officials were warned twice that pediatrician Dr. Peter Fischer was molesting his boy patients.  And they let him keep doing it.

The above were some highlights of the place.  The following is displaying some reality.  Read carefully the presented material.  Of course it does not mean that everyone  in these facilities consistently conduct business in such a manner but it is material that you should be aware of.

Practice Medicine in Bellflower Kaiser - Physician Careers

{Many of our physicians enjoy teaching teaching appointments at leading southern California univerisity medical centers...

In addition a number of our physicians  are actively engaged in ongoing research and are regularly published in medical journals.  An emphasis is placed on continuing education and peer consulting and interaction.}

TRANSLATION OF THE ABOVE:  If your assigned doctor has the time to see you maybe he will. Doctors that have time to write regularly for journals, if they really are doing the writing don't have time to see many patients.  As for appointments unless a particular physician has done something really spectacular Kaiser simply donates a lot of money to universities and in return one of the things Kaiser gets back is getting to say that their physicians are appointed to major universities.

Peer review:  Believe at your own peril - The following is a perfect example of Peer Review:

Hwang Woo-Suk -

"[Peer Review] is a bit like democracy:
its a lousy system but it's the best one we have."

Liz Wager, publications consultant

"Whatever the effect of the scandal on the fields of cloning and stem cell research, questions are now being directed at Science magazine, which published the 2004 and 2005 manuscripts; and at the process of "peer review" which it, and other leading journals, use to screen papers before they publish them."

Being Peer Reviewed in your own Publication no matter how much you publicize that it is "cream of the crop" makes it even more questionable. (The Permanente Journal - a peer reviewed journal.......)

Nichols vs. Kaiser - $1,100,000 against Kaiser Permanente

This is a real beauty of a lawsuit created because of the inefficiency of Bellflower.  Dr. Karen Maples assumed that the Bellflower staff had done their job correctly.  A patient who already had six children wanted a tubal ligation (Tubal ligation (informally known as getting one's "tubes tied") is a permanent form of female sterilization, in which the fallopian tubes are severed and sealed or "pinched shut", in order to prevent fertilization. Hormone production, libido, and the menstrual cycle are not affected by a tubal ligation.)

When  Dr. Maples performed this surgery the patient did not know of her condition.   Several weeks later it was determined that she was pregnant.  It was by this time too late for the patient to abort and the child was born with several serious problems.  

Dr. Maples was more than upset when she learned that the staff had not done their job and run a test to see if the patient was pregnant.  Dr. Maples also did not bother to check the patients chart to verify what was and what was not done prior to the surgery.

RESULT:  $1,100,000 arbitration award

Same Karen Maples, M.D. that was a voting member at the FDA OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY DEVICES PANEL

FIFTY-EIGHTH MEETING in 1997 in Rockville, Maryland.  See:

The above is scary reading considering that most people think that there is a little bit more to device/procedure approval than this report reveals.

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park nurse license suspended by Judge

April 7, 2004

"Related material presented in the hearing showed that nurse Vynola E. Gadsby demonstrated a serious disregard'' for state, California board of registered nursing and hospital regulations on at least two occasions, said Administrative Law Judge H. Stuart Waxman.

To adequately protect the public, Waxman said Gadsby's license must be suspended on an interim basis, while the nursing board proceeds with legal proceedings to try and revoke it. Gadsby is currently on paid administrative leave from her position at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center, according to court documents."

Eugene Guevara - Why did he shoot a physician on the day he was discharged from Kaiser hospital? 

September 21, 2003

The media was very brave and did the right thing in presenting this story, but now that Mr.Guevara, who 
apparently was denied appropriate medical care while a Kaiser patient, has died, the story is fading away. 

People have been saving copies of this story and would like an update on it.  To Kaiser - this story is not  going to go away.

NOTE regarding the Guevara Case:  Mr. Guevara first lost his wife to Kaiser late diagnosis and difficulty with treatment issues, then he developed and illness, finally when it was too late to save him was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Mr. Guevara had been in the hospital as a patient when the doctor just dismissed him and sent him home while letting him know that was all they were going to do for him.  

Mr. Guevara's conduct of violence was inappropriate and certainly should never be condoned.  Kaiser's physician didn't have to be cold and callous to pour salt in the wound.

Mr. Guevara was simply pushed too far and he reacted inappropriately.

Doctor shot, hospital evacuated as authorities search for gunman
 Sunday, September 21, 2003 Posted: 12:53 AM EDT (0453 GMT)

BALDWIN PARK, California (AP) --
A gunman wounded a doctor at a hospital, prompting a partial evacuation
of patients and medical staff and sending sheriff's deputies on a room-to-room search of the sprawling facility.

Hours after the Friday afternoon shooting, special weapons and tactics team members were still looking for an elderly suspect who had been seen pushing a walker or wheelchair at about the time
of the shooting.
stored at:

September 21, 2003 
  Man Suspected of Shooting M.D. Kills Self 
September 21, 2003 10:54 PM EDT 
LOS ANGELES - A man suspected of shooting and wounding a doctor at a hospital in a Los Angeles suburb 
killed himself Sunday outside a fast food restaurant, police said. 

Investigators had been looking for Eugene Guevara, 73, in connection with Friday's shooting of a doctor at Kaiser 
Permanente Medical Center, police said. Guevara was once a patient there.

September 23, 2003

Baldwin Park, Calif., Hospital Seeks Normalcy after Doctor Is Shot

Police say two family members, a neighbor and the victim, told them Guevara was unhappy with his medical treatment.

Guevara was being treated for diabetes by Hernandez when it was learned he had prostate cancer.

The Perioperative Medicine Service: An Innovative Practice at Kaiser Bellflower Medical Center
By Marcus D Magallanes, MD

After reading the above article you decide if the Perioperative Medicine Service is the real deal or not. 

16.1.1 Case Study - Kaiser Permanente Bellflower

Sourcebook : 16.1 Offer Tailored End-of-Life Services to Patients with Advanced Heart or Lung Disease : 16.1.1 Case Study - Kaiser Permanente Bellflower

What some consider to be the greatest fraud ever put over the Medicare patient population.  The average patient in such a program lives 85.2 days according to Odyssey Health Care investor materials.  If anyone lives to 90 days the Medicare computer could trigger a Federal Audit of the entire Kaiser system.  I don't think that Kaiser would want that to happen.  This is a method to hasten death.  Not make it easier, dignified or anything of such a respectible nature.

More detailed information on the finacial rewards for doing in the patients, especially when the government is paying for their medical care can be found her at:

See the Evidence at:
The above is documentation accumulated by The California Nurses Association that they have graciously allowed us to duplicate here.

 Palliative Care Programs Help People With CHF/COPD Stay Home - and Stay Health
by Janice Lynch Schuster

Cases Reveal Lapses In Emergency Care

The Kaiser Permanente doctor who examined Harun Antwine had worked at least 10 hours that day, seeing 25 patients in his office and 15 more that evening at the HMO's Fontana urgent care center.
The swamped physician didn't spot Antwine's serious bacterial infection, and the 29-year-old patient left urgent care without antibiotics, Antwine's family lawyer says. The father of three young children died two days later.
"It was a classic case of failing to treat a patient [who] really needed it," said lawyer Gregory Patton, who won an $848,000 arbitration award from Kaiser stemming from Antwine's 1998 death. "Their doctors are really, really overworked." In justifying a $1.1-million fine against Kaiser, state regulators cited three patient deaths and said the cases demonstrated a pattern of problems in emergency care that has put the HMO's 6 million California members at risk.

The Matthew Salas Story
Denied medical treatment at Kaiser Baldwin Park - This story is of a little boy that Kaiser had lied to his parents by telling them that had been cured of cancer.  In spite of obvious symptoms of serious illness Kaiser persisted in telling the parents that this sweet little boy was healthy until it was too late to do anything to help him.This story was followed internationally. News video on this page.

The Arthur Ryan Huff Story

The Arthury Ryan Huff Story is  very similar to the one above.  This page contains various news videos.  Again Kaiser told the parents that they were imagining that they child was ill and that nothing was wrong until it was too late to help him.

The doctors at Kaiser Hospital in Bellflower after many tests and surgeries and a very long time in I.C.U. 

[Iam responding to your study of Dr. Yee Wing Tong, M.D.

Medicare has paid hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to various doctors and hospitals, and even to one hospice in Norwalk, CA due to my illness of Osler-Webber Rondue and related illnesses. The doctors at Kaiser Hospital in Bellflower after many tests and surgeries and a very long time in I.C.U. told my parents and myself that I was going to die, and the best place for me was in a hospice so they transferred me by ambulance there. After I felt a little better my parents and I talked. I told my Dr. Alie, head of hematology and oncology that I was not ready to die and that I wanted to leave the hospice, he said he thought that it was a very stupid thing to do, and after a lot of talking he said that I would have to sign a form stating that it was against medical advice, before I could leave! Then about 2 months later I had what the doctors said was an abscess on my left upper leg. After tests and the scheduled surgery the orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Chew said I would be in the hospital for a day or two. I spent 47 days in the hospital, saw 4 different doctors, more tests and surgeries, all at Medicare expense! Now I find a great doctor and his treatments work. You call it unconventional, but it works. I would recommend him to anyone that has a real problem and wants to get better. I would appreciate you not bothering me again. I am very lucky I found Dr. Tong. He never shies away from a problem.

This morning at 9:13 AM, January 6th 1993. Mr. David Jacobs from the Medicare Integrity unit came to my house, without an appointment, he asked me many questions about my doctor. Evidently he was not satisfied with my answers and then he started to tell me what to say. I refused and asked him to leave. He then told me that he could have my Medicare benefits suspended if I refuse to cooperate in his investigation! He said the treatments are unconventional and relief is very short at best.]

UPDATE #16: May 6, 2003.
Kaiser orderly convicted of receiving 20,000 Ecstasy tablets.

"SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court upheld the Ecstasy drug conviction of a hospital orderly, rejecting claims Monday that the Drug Enforcement Administration violated his privacy.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with a lower court and upheld the three-year prison term for Jesus Dario Gonzalez, a hospital orderly at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower.

Gonzalez challenged his conviction on grounds that the DEA needed a search warrant to install a secret surveillance camera in Kaiser's mailroom, where he was filmed picking up a package of 20,000 Ecstasy tablets that was sent to a fictitious doctor from Belgium.

The defendant claimed the DEA needed a search warrant, not just the hospital's consent, to install the video camera."

Originally from the Fresno Bee of May 6, 2203 at
mirrored at:

California Hospital Volume of Stomach Cancer Surgery (Gastrectomies)

California Hospital Volume of Colon Cancer Surgery (Partial Removal of the Colon)
Kaiser Bellflower and San Diego do high volume work.

Kaiser Baldwin Park-

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center: Pioneer in LaborManagement Partnership

"All leaders are responsible for the performance of their units, including financial aspects, level of service to patients, and quality of care delivered. Leaders also perform or oversee all unit functions, such as patient care, scheduling staff, keeping medical records, tracking competency, processing admissions, assigning beds, and coordinating with support departments. This operational configuration is very different from the traditional unit structures found in most hospitals and health systems across the country."

The Labor Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, California

November 6, 2007
Darrell Timothy Reed II died at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Baldwin Park California from an apparent overdose of anesthestia.  This healthy 25 year old was having a routine 16 minute laser surgery on his knee.